Front disassemble - Help


I am trying to install my new monster air scoops. Having hard time go get the front off. Anyone out there who could point me in right direction?

I have taken off the mirrors, windsheald, fuse cover(on both side of the bike).
Have trouble getting the dashboard off. Don't want to force anything.

Is there any hidden screws to get the nose off?
Thanks for any help :)


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Don't know the GenII. On the Gen1 you need to gently pull the nose outward while pulling forward to get it to release from the mirror mounts. Don't know if that will help here or not.


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Don't forget you have two screws (one on each side) directly under the ram air scoops on the nose. It holds the ram air ducts to the nose cone, so make sure you get them or you'll never get it off (without breaking something)... :laugh:

Make sure you have the two bolts under the dash panels off also... ;)

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