front brake pop

legion rider

OK I changed the brakes my 2002 only has about 9000 miles on it. Back brake was in need of changing front were good but I decided to change them. Now sometimes after a stop when I start to roll I hear a slight pop from the front brake. It doesn't happen all the time and happens on normal stop not anything too hard. Any ideas on what this is caused by?
Check that the keeper pin (cotter pin) that holds the caliper pin in the calipers which in turns hangs the brake pads. Mine came off and there was nothing holding the pads in except the caliper itself. They were freer floating. I noticed mine had a pop sound when I hit the front brake. Thank god I decided to check it out. Those pads could have left the caliper in a hard breaking situation. I would have still had one side to brake, but it would have likely screwed up a few things on the side they came off of.