front brake pads

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I am planning on replacing my front pads with some better ones. So far, I have looked at:

1. DP Racing (RDP)
2. Galfer HH

I would like to go with the DP racing pads, but I can't figure out where to get them and which part number to go with... ARGH!

Does anyone out there have any experience with any of these? Also, is this an easy mod for me to do at home?

Any input would be appreciated...


Just the other day I saw some posts about the improvement that the EBC HH pads made. Look at new posts and you should be able to find it.

I too saw a post on braided lines. If I remember correctly, a set of fornt pads and the braided SS line for $120. I thought it was a good deal.

Good luck!
Any dealer can order DP RDP pads. Funny thing though, the mags talk about how much better they are than stock but fail to mention that the pads are marked 'Track use only". My local dealer is clueless as to why this is so. Is it for liability issues or is it becuase the pads are no good at "street" speeds?  

All I know is that they are suppossed to much better than stock and I want to try them.

Oh and changing pads is a do-it-yourself job unless you are mechanically challenged. No big deal.

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EAK, it could be because some pads do not perform until the rotors/pads reach a certain temperature, like tire compounds? what I beleive they are saying is "race pads" are for a certain speed and temp, so if you are doing some hard braking on the street they will work, but they wont grab as well when you're creepin. the way I see it is when your going slow you dont need to good of breaks anyhow and you always have lots of lever, and dont have to worry about fade at low speeds, high speeds is where its important. so if you ride at high speeds use a good pad... the way you brake can determine what type of pads to use, do you do all your braking before you enter a corner, do you brake late to the apex, if your a late braker seems you might want a touchy brake with lots of feedback? those types typically dont have the braking power as a real progressive pad? but I beleive thats marginal and will only be noticed on the track?
The track pads require that the Rotor temp stay within a certain range to work right. I would never reccomend that track pads be used on the street. You really will not be maintaining that level of heat in the rotor to do what the pad is supposed to do. Track pads work where street pads are fading very badly. Unless you are making new street pads fade very quickly and they stay that way, you don't need track pads.
Oh, don't confuse this with a pad that gets over heated once when they are not bedded in properly and glaze over. That is a problem in bedding in the pad, not a indication that you need a race pad, even though the pads will not brake/bike as well as they should until they are removed and the glaze sanded off. Happens a lot and people think they need race pads. When they install the race pads and after the "I'm better cause I got THE COOL RACE SET UP" syndrome wears off, they notice they are not braking as good as when they had the glazed street pads. Good street pads are what is called for, unless you are RACING.
I put sintered pads on my busa for more breaking power they work "OK" but could be better, so I am forced to do all my breaking before I enter or lean a turn, I dont like to set up like that but the busa is so heavy I am not trying to carry speed and brake into the turn cuz its hard for me to tell where the edge is with the hard pad, the stock brakes were better for that but useless at 180. stock brakes on the 03 gixxer are fine at any speed and any lean, they are extremely sensative and carry plenty of info to the bars so I can brake right to the apex and have a good feel when the tire is slipping, it also has extremely good braking force at high speeds. I dont think the problem with the busas brakes are in the pads nor will be solved with pads, you can have one or the other, I think the problem is with the weight of the bike and the massive rotational mass, so a better fix would be to lose sprung weight and most of all unsprung weight, that would allow you to use a pad that fits your style and remain fast, meaning you will dictate the excelleration and braking of the bike not the other way around....