Front and rear stand question


I have on '03 Annibusa and I'm looking for some stands. Do they need paddles or bobbins for the stands?
I have a Pitbull rear stand (with a NewFront on the way) and the 'Busa requires spools on the swingarm for support. Not sure what the front stand requires.
I think I would just give the folks at Handy a call and see what they recommend. From the description it looks like either one would work. I know a guy here that has the Handy stands and is very pleased, but I don't know whether he has the rubber or bobbin supports.
I have the rear Pitbull stand now. I had the New front stand when I had my 929. DO NOT get a front stand that raises the with the forks. You will not be pleased the first time you have to take the forks off and you have to buy a new stand. I just figure I will spend the extra money now and get another Pitbull New front stand. JMHO
I got the Handy front and rear deal. Rear with bobbins is great, no problems. I'm not so pleased with the front stand but don't use it that often. I'm replacing my bobbins with sliders so I'll sell my black alloy ones for $10 plus shipping if you are interested.
OK I am a big PitBull Beeoootch, so I would say buy PitBull, they are worth every penny from a durability and strength standpoint. When my bike is in the air I mean you can physically shove on the side of the Busa and there is No Flex, no wiggle, narry a twitch and to me that means a lot. They will also adjust to fit different width swing arms. My .02, you get what you pay for... As for spools or Paddles. IMNSHO you gotta go with spools, they are cheap and really lock your bike onto the stand! I feel they are the only way to go.

Front stand, definetly look into the stem stand not the fork stands but if the price difference is huge and your pretty sure you are not going to be messing with your forks then the fork stands will prolly work just fine.
Uh, Yeah What he said....

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and plus you can get a rear stand from handy for like $83 and the set both front/rear for $99

for $16 I"ll take my chances with fork mounted stand and if I have to go to a tree lift then I will. Out $16....oh boo hooo
Handy has a group buy going on that ends today. $69 for both front and rear stands. Here is the info if anyone is interested.

"OK its ON. Call VAL at 1-866-225-3863 all orders must be placed by 4pm EST on Thursday. You need to tell her you are with the MOTORUSH GROUP BUY. Also she did say she had some meetings today but you can leave her a message and she will get back to you. You MUST talk to HER and ONLY HER. We must have 10 people order or the price will go up so get all your friends in on this. The more we order the cheeper they are. With 10 people price is $69+shipping for either The paddles or bobbins."
My .02, you get what you pay for...  
My thoughts exactly. I have never had or have seen these stands in use, but I refuse to put my bike on something that cheap(inexpensive). I want to have all faith in the stands. I can get up on mine and bounce. I am 260lbs, those stands don't look that strong. Again JMHO....
Handy has a group buy going on that ends today. $69 for both front and rear stands. Here is the info if anyone is interested.
That's a great price and it's a solid rear stand that I have confidence in. I make no claim that it's as good as the other stands since I haven't used them. Can others putting down the Handy rear stand say the same thing, that they have used it for direct comparison purposes?

It does adjust for width but I bet other stands with softer inline style wheels and bearings raise slightly smoother.

The Handy front stand isn't impressive even for a fork stand. Paint came of the first time I used it and getting it up(no jokes please) wasn't too confidence inspiring. I'd rather have the stem mount anyway but it's good enough for yearly (hopefully) tire changes.
I haven't done a side-by-side comparison of the 2 stands, so wouldn't be able to say with any level of certainty that 1 is better than the other. I can say that having used the Pitbull stands that I wouldn't trade them for the world. When I was first looking for stands, I had a friend that told me about Handy and saw the great price, but after investigating felt that Pitbull would serve me better for flexibility, strength and confidence reasons.