From '10 vmax to the B-King


I just sold my 2010 vmax and with cash in pocket found a new silver B-King.

Let me tell you, I had some anxiety about how I would feel about the B-King after owning the Vmax.

However, the 25 mile ride home (in 35 degree temps) completely validated my choice! The B-king is so superior to my vmax on an overall basis that it's almost apples and oranges.

The obvious comparison people make is how quick each bike is. Riding both, it's hard to say which bike is faster, although the numbers in print, and power/torque to weight tip in the B-king's favor. The throttle response on the vmax and it's more upright position transmit more reaction to the rider than the B-King. On the Vmax your legs are further forward than the B-king, so any hard throttle results in more of a strain on the rider physically. consequently, this bit of physics makes the vmax feel a bit faster, but only initially.

Regardless of what the vmax boys say, and trust me they think the vmax will beat everything from the B-King to the S1000RR, I'd put my money on the B-king every time.

The B-King's handling is light years better than the vmax, and the lighter weight makes it easier to peddle around as well. The King is alot more fun in the twisties..period.

Ergonomically, I was surprised to find that I prefer the B-Kings seating position. I just feel like I'm in a better position to cope with big acceleration. I will be adding a Vstream to my B-King as well to make it even more comfortable.

As far as engines go, I have to say the B-King engine is like a turbine. Smooth, and almost too quiet, and lacking a bit in soul compared to the V4 of the vmax, which is very charasmatic and makes great sounds. The King is deceptively fast in feel.

Overall, and coming from a person who has owned both the B-King is a much better motorcycle. I could not be any happier.:thumbsup:


While I think better is a relative term,The B King is by far the better choice for me. You will find that there are a good many more options for the B King (Due in large part to it sharing the Drive train with the Hayabusa)
In any case welcome to the world of B Kings (to bad you had to get the slower silver one:welcome:)


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Welcome, would love to see some pics. Put an exhaust on that King to wake it up. :welcome:


Congrats! You made the right choice! :laugh::cheerleader::cheerleader:


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