Friends Father Down on Motorcycle


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Saturday morning My friends father had a heart attack while riding his newer goldwing.  His wife went camping Friday morning, my friend and his wife were giong to go on Friday but decided to go out with my wife and myself for my wifes 30th birthday.  My friends dad was going to washington for a bike rally  when right before he left town he had the heart attack, fell off the bike andhit a parked car.   Luckily that my friend and his wife waited to go because only they knew where they were going to go camping, other than his father.  And they told another friend how to go find her. Unfortunatly she was well out of cell phone range.

My one beef is with the way theat certain helmets pass any DOT, SNELL certification.  He was wearing an open face style helmet, with a mic setup.  Let's just cay it didn't protect much.

Along with a busted face, hip, leg, ribs, etc.  this just shows how important safety gear is.  

Today he was going to be in surgery all day (triple bypass), I will know tomorrow on more of his status and will post any further knowledge.
Hope all is well,have your friend buy him a full face lid for the future.
Sorry to hear.. Hope the surgery is successful and he heals up OK. That's a lot of trauma at one time.
Wishing him a fast recovery and best of luck with surgery...very scary for his family and friends I'm sure
sorry to hear about this. I hope he makes a fast recovery.
I should say I was very lucky when I had a Heart Attack while rideing my Busa! Had only had it 4 days when I was struck. My arm started hurting so bad I thought I had injured it with the bike. I told my riding buddy's we need to stop at the next store about a mile away. Made it there ok thank God before I started having chest pains and trouble breathing. Ambulance came a carted me to the hospital. Triple-Bypass later I am fine. Sorry to hear about your friends father though and it sure tell's me how lucky I was.