Frame sliders


Apart from R&G with their insane price of £300 is there anyone else that makes a slider that doesn't need a hole to be cut in the side panels.
With a bit of time i could probably make a bracket similar to R&G's idea from a bit of 6mm plate but pre-made is just easier.
Here they are installed on my 2012 Busa


I have T-Rex frame sliders on my new 2013 Busa and I love it. No cutting!!! You might as well go ahead and get you some of their spools and stands so you can lift your bike up while you're at it. Both front & back stands and everything else including labor was around $400 bucks or something like that. I think it's worth it, I just spent eighteen grand so might as well go all out.
They do work, but not very strong and they bend easy. But main goal is to keep from damaging your plastic in a tip-over and they will do that.

Another vote for trex, have had them on my 08 for a few years now. Unfortunately tested them out about a month or so ago in the driveway. Went to lower the Busa off the rear stand and as soon as I leaned the bike over I realized my kickstand was not down, oops! Bike hit HARD on the pavement. Trex sliders saved my butt. Just a tiny scuff on my rear turn signal pod that rubbed out almost completely, and barely scuffed the mirror. They did their job perfectly