frame slider ??


was thinking about ordering these frame slider, what's everyone think of them

2008 T-Rex Suzuki Hayabusa GSXR1300 Frame Slider N

basically i want something that will protect the plastic if i drop it in the driveway again (oops), luckily no damage was done. To install these i imagine u have to tank off all the fairings, correct? Is it that hard to do, just changed the oil and it was kind of a bear to get the one side off. Also, with these installed, i can still remove the fairing with them on for oil changes right?


•Condition = New
•Brand = T-Rex Racing
•Color = Black
•Material = Delrin acetal
NO CUT or plastic fairings modification required
•Fit models = 08 - 09 Suzuki Hayabusa / GSX-R1300
•Suzuki Hayabusa / GSX-R1300 = Frame sliders / plastic body protectors (one LHS and one RHS) that fit 08 Suzuki Hayabusa. The sliders are made of Delrin Acetal plastic-An engineering thermoplastic with good strength, wear resistance and dimensional stability. It is more dimensionally stable than Nylon and used in many industrial ball bearing and friction reducing applications. The bolts are made of highest grade comercially available 12.9(177,000 psi in tensile strength). The brackets are made of solid steel finished in black powder coat. The cross bolt is made of 304 stainless steel. The aluminum spacers are made of 6061-T6. Rest assured that you are getting the best material commercially available.


so i imagine i would have to remove both fairings for the install, wonder if the right side slider would interfere when removing the fairing for oil changes. Hopefully someone that has them installed will chime in soon about how easy/hard they are to install


I have a set of them installed, and I installed a tiforce full exhaust. the sliders fit great, with no fitment issues. you will have no problem changing the oil with the sliders on. Not hard to install, but both sides of the fairings will need to be taken off.



I have the no cut kind that are easy to remove when doing an oil change. Not sure how much they would help but in a driveway fall probably worth it.

New (20).jpg


:welcome: They are easy to take off. Dropped mine in the grass (woops):whistle: No damage. Bike is heavy that's what I bought them for.

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We have a few brands here too.

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If your interested we will also check into the T-Rex Sliders and see if we can get your a better price on them.....Thanks

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