Frame question.


I have an 06' Busa and im not very sure what i wanna do with it. I mean it is still the peweter gray color nothing wrong with the frame not scratched or anything but i find it hard to upgrade my bike (swingarm and rims and other things) that match that color and im not that big of a fan. We polished my buddies 636 kawi and it took a ton of effort and time. And I was thinking about getting a Black LE frame but im not that good at transfering all the stuff over to a new frame. Are there any shops that do this great? And i don't have a problem with driving the bike to where it needs to be done. But i am in Ohio so any shops close that would swap frames for me? Or any one on the boards good enough to do this? If i can't find a good deal then i will prollie just polish her and then start chromeing her! :banghead:


Well i thought about that but then again i don't know how to take the motor and everything out and then let alone put it all back together. Cause the guy said he could powder coat it and then paint what ever color i wanted but he only wants the frame. Any one willing to take my bike apart for me $$$ involved???? And how long would it take to take it completly down to the frame?


HOLY CRAP I didn't even friggin know they had that stuff! Hmmmm might have to be the cheap way out of doing all the work! Thanks a ton :bowdown: looking in to it now. Any body have these on their bike???? Did you like them if you have or had them! :thumbsup:

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