Frame has a crack


Very pissed off
I Just noticed a nice long 3" crack on the left weld on the stem of the bike.
Dont know if thats what it's called but its the very front of the bike where the front shocks/ handle bars get attached to the frame.

I did have a little fender bender about 2 months back, Cab opened the door and I rode into it.... shocks were straight and I was not really that fast.

What do I do?
Is this covered under the bikes Warrantee?
Are the welds really that weak?
Who do I call What do I do ?
Oh yeah it is an 02 LE purchased in March 03

Any help is appreciated.
I will post a picture shortly......right now I'm too pissed to even look at the bike.
If you filed an insurance claim then (Cab), there is a real possibility that this will fall under that. Otherwise it's hard to say, i would take it to the dealer and see hwat they have to say, if they determine the crack was caused by you and your accident then it'll prolly be an insurance thing, assuming you had a claim. Otherwise Suzuki will prolly fix it if they determine that there is a material defect...

Good luck, and Uh, I would prolly not ride it until you get this resolved for obvious reasons...
Here's some images......Take a look at your bikes dudes.....

Need to know if it's a '03. If so, I'd say it's a warranty issue. If not, and you claimed insurance, you'd better call your broker back and tell them about this.


probably obvious, but just in case ;) . Worst case scenario, take the bike to a tractor-trailer shop, some place that repairs those big trailers. They have experienced guys who can safely weld that aluminum. Maybe even weld in a brace on each side like the racers do to reduce flexing.

Good luck!
Um this may sound even more silly, but you did run a fingernail across it right?  Just to make certain it's a crack?  OK OK
 Just making sure you covered the obvious.   But I think Noltez may be right, I believe that due to the location of that crack it may not be too hard to get it repaired.  But I would also recommend finding a speed shop or someone that has a whole lot of experiance repairing motorcycle frames specifically.

Yeah you had me out there checking my 02' as well...  

A couple other questions though, do you do a lot of wheelies or stoppies?  Any of that good stuff?
Does look like a hairline fracture...If you had a report made of the cab incident you will more than likely will be able to have the company make the needed repair to your bike, even if you haven't filed a claim previously...If you didn't that's another thread...It could be a fault in the weld...Anyway let us know what happens...
Is an 02 purchased and registered in March 03.
Insurance was claimed to fix the accident damage 2 months claim on the frame as this crack was either not there or overlooked somehow.

No I'm a roadie not a stunter.

Is an 02 purchased and registered in March 03.
Insurance was claimed to fix the accident damage 2 months claim on the frame as this crack was either not there or overlooked somehow.

No I'm a roadie not a stunter.

Call your insurance company and see what they say.
Danny a propperly laid weld is the strongest part of the assembly.Bad welds are caused by running cold,to hot with travel time being to fast and so on.Welds should'nt be braking in this fasion.Propperly laid welds will tear the serounding area first,i'm not just blowing smoke up your skirt so to speak.This was the family business i grew up in.Specialty alloys welding and fabrication.However it is no longer my living but i am known to still do it for pet projects.Approach the dealer and see what they are willing to do to resolve the issue.Bad mechanical welds are'nt good for any business.Good welds dont!! split down the middle.Best of luck with this.Given the dealer does'nt care to help,a skilled tig welder can drill to the ends of the cracking grind out the bad weld and apply new alloy .Hope this helps. ps please dont tell anyone i do this i get a lot of drop in free jobs with family and freinds now.Just kidding.
I agree with shoda, welds typically break or crack on the edge of the weld? never seen a weld crack in the center like that, are you sure thats a crack? I would say its a warranty issue if it is, take it to the dealer and dont mention the taxi, they will fix it cuz its a liability thing, besides I dont think tearing a door off a taxi would break that weld, just ask cookie how much punishment a frame can take....
Shoda, Twisted, Thats my point exactly, While I may not have all that exposure with welding or have nearly as much information or knowledge about welding techniques, I do know that the weld cant break or crack right down the center, additionally that looks like a vibration crack.....
Typically what would Suzuki do, would they replace the frame or just ask me to get it rewelded.
This is seriously scary...fortunately I can see this fracture on the weld..God knows how many more cracks there are that I cant see.
As far as hitting the Cab goes....its on my insurance and police report etc...I'm sure Suzuki will find out about it besides I really didnt nail that cab that hard...I mean, I'm here tryping with only a 1" rash on my elbow. Nothing broken, nothing torn (except a cab door) I'm sure Suzuki wont go about releasing a frame with welds that weak.
I'll keep you all posted ....
Danny, your prolly in pretty good shape. Because you did have a claim awhile back it is quite possible that this is a direct result. The insurance company should cover this. Play everything above board on this with Suzuki and everything should pan out just fine...

Still spooky though, I checked my frame over real good last night, no cracks but DAMN, couldn't somebody please teach Suzuki how to freakin weld?:super:
I have to agree with Twisted and beleive me he is correct on the Liability issue as well.You should be able to twist the frame and tear material from the sides without the weld cracking like that.Poor application of materials is what it is.Manufacturer would rather replace in my opinion,questionable welds not cool and they wont think so either.Price of a frame verses big law suit possibility.Should be a no brainer for them.Best of luck sorry you had this kind of problem.

guys thanks a ton for your help, I'll talk to insurance companies first, if they decide to help me out by sending me a new frame then I may just take that and keep quiet....if not Suzuki here I come.
Looks like your in a good position regardless of the way you go...I would try with Suzuki first insurance second...