Found my bike like this when I woke up....


Looked out my window this morning to see my 06 LE on it's side.... :( Went downstairs to find that someone had pushed it over, and into my trailer. Mirror broke off, front fairing cracked, lower fairing cracked, and the rear tail fairing cracked also (hit the trailer). The pillion seat is torn also. Bike sat like this for several hours.

Have you guys dealt with bike vandalism before? I have State Farm comprehensive on the bike, and have already filed a claim but the lady couldnt even tell me if I was covered or not. If it is not covered, where can I get replacement fairings?

I did let the bike sit upright for an hour and then went for a ride. Seems to ride fine. But man if I only knew who did this... :banghead:


OMG are you kidding me. i would be completely outraged. I do have a question though did you park it in the grass on the side stand? You are brave if you did.
There is weeds there, its packed down gravel. Have had it parked there for a while with no problems.

Dang man, sorry to read about this happening. Hopefully you are covered through your insurance.
That is 100 % comprehensive claim. If you were sitting on it and fell over it is a collision claim.

Sorry for the troubles.
I hate to see that... TwoBrothers is right though. Definitely a Comp claim.The person answering phones for State Farm on a weekend likely was not in a position to indicate one way or the other how this might be covered, but you should be fine.
Thats guys, makes me feel better about it. Hopefully I can find someone out here in the sticks to do the repairs :laugh:

Thats guys, makes me feel better about it. Hopefully I can find someone out here in the sticks to do the repairs :laugh:


Sorry about your bike. Your insurance should pay for it. Save your money and fix it yourself. Everything you mentioned that's broke is an easy fix.
Tough pill to swallow. I despise vandals.

Is there a reason the bike was left out on the lawn overnight?
I don't think I'd park it there anymore...unless I had it trip-wired to a claymore or two.....
Also menace...if the insurance company cuts you a cheque for repairs,dont forget to ask on the board for parts. then you can use what you save for mods or something.
I dont have much Gen I stuff left,but I could look again.Things like mirrors and pillion seats can sometimes be found collecting dust on the members shelves.Ya never know.

Someone spit on my mirror of my chopper one time out side a Bar. I didn't see who did it. I would have beat them to death with the mirror if I caught em!
Wow, you are taking this well. I would be furious. Guess if it happened at night there is not a lot you can do. I had just bought a pretty sweet Honda Accord EX with leather and 20K miles on while I was in college, same color as my current Busa actually, and some a hole decided to key it. I was upset about that for months. Had a $500 deductable and spent on my money on the car so it took a long time to get it fixed. Makes me mad to this day.

I guess all that anger got me nowhere. Probably what the a hole wanted anyway. I guess at 21 years old I had a little repressed anger. Marriage and 2 kids have pretty much cured me of that.:banghead:
comp covers someone pushing the bike over??? I wouldn't even bring that up unless you have proof that it was pushed. Comp covers acts of the wind blowing it over.