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After spending a couple of hours cruising Killboy, ZeeFoto, and MoonshinePhoto, I see that my riding posture is very poor. I thought I was getting it over in the turns, but looking at the pics, I'm sitting straight up on the Busa stiff arming the bars. Maybe a 45 degree lean, maybe.

I have alot of practicing to do before April.


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That doesn't look bad at all. Like the others said you made it sound worse than it really was. Besides....Busa's make ya look hot no matter how you ride it!
All you need to do is get your arse to the side of the seat, leaving only one cheek on the seat and bend your arms. Your posture looks good and so does your lean angle. It's alot harder to corner the way you're doing it. Try hanging off a bit, it will be easier.

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I am no speed demon, still low on the learning curve. Looks like you really lean well but to get even more aggressive try getting on the balls of your feet, hanging that gluteus off at least halfway, dropping that outside arm down close to the tank, and try to kiss that inside mirror. Oh and Jinkster gave me the single most useful advice at the bash last weekend, press really hard on the peg with the inside foot.


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you look like you are doing good to me...i think all we need to do is get together more and ride, ride, ride!


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Looks good to me. Can probably pick up a couple things just looking at the pics for a while.

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