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Hi all

This is my first post, and I would like to thank Charlie for this excellent and helpful post.

To anyone that is having trouble viewing the pics, I have found a way that seems to work for me:
The pics for this posting are located at:
It seems that it does not take very many users to be anywhere on that site, and then lots of items are not available, including these.
If you wait until late in the evening, or sometimes on Sunday afternoon, they will be available.
They are all still there, and I downloaded them all at midnight last night.
Hope that helps.

Mike A


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Hope you don't mind but I went through all the pics and descriptions and did a PDF file of them. I was going to upload the file but it's 2 MB and it won't let me. If anybody wants it just let me know. It made it easier for me to put in my maint. book for the bike.



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Sorry Guys. I do still have the pics, but not haven't been able to work with imagethrust in a long time. I will be signing out on leave this weekend, so I will have some time to fwd all the pics to an admin or whomever for permanent hosting....OR if someone would be so kind to host Punishers .pdf would be most excellent.

I didn't know this was over on either... wow.

For update from myself, I've since fabricated up a fork spring compressor. My buddy Mike got me a wire flux welder for Christmas and I decided to try it out with 1"sq tubing and a 14" chop saw/cut-off wheel. Works wonders, I'll post pics of that as well.

I'm very glad to have helped at least one person, that was my goal, but reading here, EBC and other boards of people using this how-to is awesome. Appreciate all the feedback everyone.



I just replaced my fork seals today.
I wanted to post my experience to this excellent thread.
I didn’t have anyone to help me, so I made my spring compressor tool with 2 eye bolts.
Then I put 2 large screws in the side of our basement stairs (you could use garage wall.. whatever)
Then when you compress the forks, move the eye bolts over the screws and they will hold it!

PS. I noticed that the pics are gone from this thread.
Let me know and I have a pdf of the thread including pics and I can email to you (3.6mb)




tool stairs.jpg


or you can be like me and get 'em off and taken down and need to get the cartridge out because you bought an internal lowering kit that replaces the spacers with shorter spacers and go to break the 10mm bolt loose on the bottom and the whole internal cartridge spins and wont let the bolt come completely now i have to take it to the dealer to finish the first and go ahead and do the second. i have all the supplies though, oil, seals, lowering all i shouldnt have to pay but a hundred bux or so for labor..thats the ONLY upside...and to me its not a very good one because it didnt go like it was supposed to.:moon:


Thanks for the write up! I changed mine this weekend, it saved me $120 (that's how much they wanted with the fork off)! I had to improvise a bit for the special tool to compress the spring, but hey it worked.

Man I love ducktape.... :laugh:



Hi guys...

Yeah, yeah I know, thread revival from hell but I really need that PDF..
Got everything apart, eventhough I did it slightly differently but then again I'm not
changing the spring..
I really need to know what height the oil has to be at when it's full and since my english kinda suck sometimes I don't get the instructions..
I'll happily host it for ever and ever on either my private server or on the Swedish Hayabusa club site.. Just need it.. .



What was used for the fork assembling tool (the big black tube that's supposed to be used when removing and installing the damper bolt) or is it not needed for some reason? In the service manual it looks like if you don't have it the damper will spin and keep you from getting the bolt loose or tight again.


We REALLY need to get the pics on this thread replaced!
yes we do i need to see them i had a leak so i tighten up the screw behind the fork the one that takes a flat head screw driver is it suppose to be tight so it sinks in a lil????


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yes we do i need to see them i had a leak so i tighten up the screw behind the fork the one that takes a flat head screw driver is it suppose to be tight so it sinks in a lil????
No, that adjusts your dampning. You didn't force it tight did you?


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Pics no worky anymore because the website is gone... Time for someone to do a walkthrough! :laugh:


I just did my fork seals and dust boots using the write ups in this thread. A big thanks to all the contributors, it went really smooth. First one took a while, but second only took 45 minutes, and I'd never even removed a set of forks before, let alone take em apart.


Hey all,

My new fork seals are in the shop! (of course I can't get them until Friday) I'm excited to open these things up and fix this damn leak.

I had noticed some of the "gold" looking like it was worn away from the lower tubes. Has anyone else noticed this? I could post a pic if needed.

If I have an irregularity on the tube causing the leak, what is the preferred method to remove it? I'm thinking that emery cloth is not quite the thing with these forks.

If anyone has any pointers or warnings, speak now and help a brother out!!!

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