Fork service about to commence...


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Ok, so after an EXTREMELY long saturday at a buddy's shop trying to diagnose my front end problem, the conclusion was reached that it is time for me to service my forks. I purchased the bike (2002 model) with 6500 miles on it, it currently has 11,000 miles on it and I can't say with any certainty that the previous owner did any type of service on the forks (or anything else for that matter).

So, with that being said, I will perform the fork service myself and have a few questions...

1. What does everyone use to keep front end up??? I only have a front fork m/c stand and obviously that wont do.

Now, onto the list of parts/tools/fluids...please add to the list if I have left something out...

OIL SEALS (2) *approx $13.42 each*
-part # is 51153-02FA0

DUST SEALS (2) *approx $14.29 each*
-part # is 51173-02FA0

FORK OIL WASHER (2) *approx $2.67 each*
-part # is 51158-14200

Fork Oil -- 10W -- Suzuki dealer??

Tools of the trade...
Fork spring compressor kit from Traxxion Dynamics

So if anyone has anything to add, please please POST UP!!! I will be taking advantage of my service manual and the write-up CAT3 did (even though the pics dont look like they will be available)



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I just took the front forks off my wifes busa...I put the bike on the rear stand.....then I used a floor jack with a towl on it...placed it under the headers and jacked it up....with the bike being on the rear stand it doesn't wobble at all....worked awesome for me.!!!


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new springs are on the way from Traxxion Dynamics 1.10 ,,,,now just need to find the seals on line. no time to go mess with the dealer this week. should have everything by the 4th,,,


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When I get ready I am going to send mine off to Traxxion Dynamics or Race Tech might as well get them Dialed
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