Fork Seals

Did a fork seal change,did some searching on here for ideas, shortcuts Tools, etc,heres what I learned,,#1 MAKE A SPRING COMPRESSER using a 6-8" long piece of exhaust pipe,(2 1/2")drill two 3/8 " holes in it near end,(3/4" down).Placing pipe over spacer in fork(I wrapped fork tube in masking tape) ,attach 2 - 3/8x2"long bolts to spacer in fork(nuts as well),using bike tie-dows,(cams or ratchets) either works,attach to protruding bolts,attach other end to bolts that mount front fender,pull down evenly on straps (I used cam type)until locknut is protruding(You might want to have all bike gear on for this step!!!)unlock nut and continue to follow manual

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Good lQQkn out, anymore details and photos of your DIY seal replacement. Think I'll be trying this soon.

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