fork/ handlebar alignment

Hello all....

Is there any way to adjust the handle bars on my busa.

The fork tubes are straight but the bars are cocked to the right.



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Welcome. You probably need to post pics... if your tubes are straight, your clip-ons might be bent... what happened? You get in an accident?
The bike fell in the drive way a while back the only thing that really happened was it rolled right over on its left side. Couple of scratches and what not...
I was riding it the other day and noticed it cocked to the right....
I do not think that I could capture it on film. I can only notice it when I ride. I adjusted the handle bars as little as I could due to the little rubber bushings preventing me from any major adjustments. The bike does not pull or anything. What could I do to eliminate the this problem. Can you bend your triples that easy?


my bars cock to the right also. my body told me my right fork had a leak at the seal. Sure enough when I checked the right fork there was excess dirt and it felt oily to the touch. the left side was clean and dirt free. Makes sense if the pressure is low on one side the steering will cock to that side.

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