Forbes Small Business Awards win 100K last day today...


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For those looking to grow your small business here is a shot. Its all about your numbers in the last year, marketing and market presence (in a 100 words detail how you made your business work) ...good luck to everyone.

100K and lots of help from real business our supporters wish HPC luck please :please: :please: We certainly mentioned all the members here who do business with us.

There's Still A Chance to Win the Boost Your Business Contest on!

There are less than 24 hours left to submit your information, so be sure to complete your entry for your chance to win the Boost Your Business Contest!

You could be the savvy entrepreneur to nab some serious capital and advertising exposure to take your company to the next level.

Last year:

Nearly 1,500 small business owners submitted plans for how they would use that money to boost their prospects.
Five finalists made their cases before a distinguished panel of judges and millions of Forbes readers.
One bagged $100,000.

Visit to enter

Win or lose, by the end we promise you will understand a lot more about your business - its challenges and opportunities--than you do now.


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thanks guys...I never seem to get the easy stuff, always have to grunt it out, but maybe this time things will be different. :beerchug:

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