For those that have been on the 1/4 mile track!

haven't been yet but heard it IS possible to break into 9's on a stock busa. I hope I can hit 10 or 11 mark and I'll be happy. I'm totally stock including the weight of all those warning stickers
I know it's possible but I am talking about a NEW rider that has never even been on a 1/4 mile track before with a bike.

It's just another NEWBIE talking smack! We'll find out this Thursday how quick he is.
I been riding a grand total of 5 years now but never been on a 1/4. I've launched quick here and there and done some fun dragging in the north 40, so I'm in the same boat as you.
Might do a bunch of readign before you go as to not look like a newbie:
I'm sure there's more articles out there like this
If you have never been its will be an eyeopening experiance. Most guys that get new busas and 12s run in the high 10.90s until they get used to the launch. haven't had my busa there yet but I run 10.60s on my 01 GSXR750 bone stock
If you go out there and use common sense you'll be fine. Roll into the tree slow. when the first light comes on slowly inch forward until the second light comes on. Just do a normal street launch. Or even about 4,00 rpms will give you a solid launch. I launch my 750 of the limiter and ride the clutch a little. But I'm sure it will be different on the busa. All the guys I race with use shinko 190 rearsat 35psi and launch at about 6,000. they all run in the low 10.00s high 9.90s.
My very first time down the track with a stock bike and 40 lbs of pressure in the tires was 11.3 at 130 mph. The next two passes showed me how much I DON'T know about drag racing...hit the rev limiter twice for 125mph, then broke the rear loose and only got 123mph on the last run.

Oh and close your visor Before you go down the track. I sat up at 120 and it slammed shut! :crazy: