For those interested in the black out kit by Hotbodies (walkthru) horible fitment


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Bought the hotbodies smoked tail/brake and signal lens kit.

Horrible fitment for the signal lens.

So I "Rubb'd" them a little bit.

First pic shows the lens.

Second pic shows where I did a little dremel action so the lens fits better in the tail.

Its still not up to my standards,but it is better.I may wrap the lens in black edging later.:thumbsup:



Next pic shows the pod before I drilled 2 holes.

Pic after that shows holes drilled. Holes will make sense in a second.


Hotbodies instructions called for the stock signal to be bolted to the new lens,it made fitment even worse.

So I removed the bulbs from the stock signals and stuck them in this way.

Finished product happier with fitment. From close-up you can see the bulbs,but you could see the cok-eyed stock signal housings in there before.This way it looks like 2 old fashioned lamps in there.

The lens fit better after that little bit of grinding. Fitment still blows...but it is better.


tail lite and 4-ways on. You can see the outline of the bulbs and sockets.

I may put something in front to hide them,but for now it looks OK.

As I mention,it kind of looks like 2 little old fashioned oil lamps in there,when you see it in person.

The HB lens fitment was my concern for now.

Second pic blows. This pic shows exactly what material to grind away. NOT VERY MUCH. Little by little till you are happier with fitment.

It's well known how bad they suck, but they sure do look good. Not sure I like how you can see the bulb in yours though. :(
i learned a long time ago how much they suck...i bought a under tail for my 05 r6 and it was not even close... looks like you did a nice job doing what they should have done rubb... you should send them a bill..
they look nice, and imo if you change those bulbs into white would look even better. unless it's a must in ur state.