For all the UFC fans out there-

I know there are a few fans out there, some'a ya might've missed the fights on Sat. so here's sum highlights:

Obviously, Matt Hughes beat the crap outa B.J. Penn-3rd round ref stoppage due to the fact Matt had side guard with B.J.s head wide open and was raining down punches with his free hand, watching Penn's head bounce off the mat like a basketball.

David "The Crow" Louseau got beat by Mike "Quick" Swick after 3 brutal rounds-David came out stiff n conservative, and was unable to defend against Swick's vicious combos well enuf to take the decision.

"Little Evil" Jens Pulver got his bell rung at 0:43 in the 1st round to some kid (i dont even remember his name) with really big ears, and really heavy hands....sad, but Jens said he'll be back again, no doubt he's gonna stay a contender.

In a undercard match, Melvin Goullard (i probably spelled that wrong) beat a guy (forgot name, sorry) in the 2nd with a 1st in the UFC-he got a KO from a body shot to the guy's Solar Plexus...seriously, he dropped this dude with one punch right dead-center. Folded like a deck of cards n all that. That Melvin is gonna be a serious threat with another year of training.

last undercard match was pretty good but I dont remember any names from that one-3 rounds, then the striker guy let go with one big right and KO's the judo guy-bang, over.

now time to get ready for the next big fight- Shamrock Vs. Ortiz III on SPIKE tv. Any predictions on how long it will take Tito to stomp Ken's old senile head in?


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Is there a fighter that dresses like KISS?

I was out having drinks on Sat and I heard that UFC was in town. So I walk in a local hole and here are two guys, and a member from KISS with bouncers around them in VIP.

I ask who dey b and I was told they were UFC.

I was drunk so I didnt care, but was he BSing me?


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Hopefully Shamrock gets a good hit directly into Ortiz's Nose. Both are too cocky and both a really tough. I hope to see that fight.
ahh-there are some pretty "odd" characters out there in the fight world, so it coulda been some legitimate fighters out on the town....that being said...
the fighters that I know of training down in Chicago IL, dont go out to bars very often. If they did go out, they never had "security" with them...some friends who are also fighters/sparring partners, but no 'bouncers' per se-how does it look for a "Ultimate Fighter" that needs security???
anyway, I dont know any fighters that dress like KISS, and well-that would be kinda gay....dont know any fighters who want that title....
(heavybusa @ Sep. 25 2006,15:02) Is there a fighter that dresses like KISS?

I was out having drinks on Sat and I heard that UFC was in town. So I walk in a local hole and here are two guys, and a member from KISS with bouncers around them in VIP.

I ask who dey b and I was told they were UFC.

I was drunk so I didnt care, but was he BSing me?
You are not thinking about the UFC, you are thinking about these guys.


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haha, either way its some crazy sh1t.

Just an FYI they made it sound like it was security so they dont flip on normal people.
I watched the fights and they were good, not great but good. I really thought BJ Penn had a shot at Matt. BJ has heavy hands, EXTREMELY flexible, knows alot of moves on the ground as well as standing. He was giving Matt a run for his money in the first round and some of the second. He almost had him with the arm bar. That was a wild triangle with his legs and then the arm bar on top of that. The bell saved Matt from losing it right there. There is nobobdy else that is really lined up that can take Matt right now. St Pierre has a chance but I doubt it.
David Louseau had the crap beat out of him last time be Rich Franklin and that is in the front of his mind big time. That was not the crow I have seen fight many times over. Like they were talking about why was he working on his ground game after that fight instead of his hands more. He is an awesome fighter, always relaxed no mattter what position he is in. His elbow strikes are great. But he was not fighting his fight again in this one against Mike swick. Mike swick is good but I di not think title shot good. I really thought the crow was going to open him up in the third round there when he started to unleash a little and Mike was covering but no luck.
I have never seen Jens Pulver fight before, heard alot about him, seen lots of pictures and read about him but never saw him fight. I think he took the fight too lightly. He said he didn't but he looked like he did.
Melvin Goulard is FAST FAST FAST with his hands and feet. He has no ground game though. That he has to develop still. WHat a punch though. He said the guy had a wimpy stomach or something funny like that. That guy went down like he got cold clocked and never saw it coming. First time for seeing or hearing that one.

Tito Ortiz vs Shamrock, enough already. Shamrock is passed his prime. He has to realize this at some point. Maybe at Tito vs Ken #26 in 2009 the final final final final grudge match. He got pounded in his first fight, second fight he got a little bit of beating. The third fight Tito is going to plan and punish him more and more!! Ken should walk away instead of going back for a third beating! They figured this one would make no money with Payper view so it is on Spike for free. Thats funny!!
I have been a UFC Fan for years. Always loved fighting all types.
Those guys do not go out with security! Thats funny!
I gotta disagree on the Tito/Ken fight-yeah Ken is passed his prime, but he can still kick the crap outa a bunch of fighters in the Octagon right now on sheer skill. That being said, the reason for the SPIKE fight is that the Owner, Dana White, feels like he cheated everybody (im sure this was said to him within ten seconds of that last fight ending on PPV) at their last fight, so this next one is free viewing; although Im sure White is still getting a phat check from SPIKE TV for doing the fight on their network...always sratching somebody's back with that stuff.

and Hughes was already escaping the armbar in the second-showed he already had plenty of room to breathe, but he was in serious danger of the armbar till about 20sec. before the bell.

Pulver is a great fighter-hasn't been in the UFC ring for 2-3years, but if you go back and see his old stuff, he was great fun to watch-lotta bangin like a lil' Vitor Belfort.


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I can't wait for GSP (aka RUSH) to get his hands on Hughes. He was winning their first fight until he made a mistake. He beat BJ and BJ won the first 2 rounds against Matt (even Matt admitted to that). If it wasn't for his poor conditioning, the UFC would have crowned a new welter-weight champion. I'm sure GSP's conditioning is better than BJ's. With that said, I see no reason GSP can't beat Hughes. I respect Hughes as a fighter, but I have a thing against repeat champions unless, of course, its the home team. (SCREW YOU ROSSI!!!)

As for Swick, I think he deserves a title shot. 2 reasons why. (1) Nate Quarry got a shot after his 2nd or 3rd fight in the UFC. Swick is 5-0 in the UFC ... if Nate got a shot I see no reason Swick can't get one. (2) The middle-weight division is like the heavy-weight division ... the talent pool just isn't there. The welter-weights and the light-heavy weights are the main attractions of the UFC. Basically, if Swick doesn't deserve a title shot, who does? I'm not saying Swick has a chance in he!! of taking the belt from Jim Carrey, heck he might get demolished just as his "Ultimate Fighter" counter-part (Quarry) did. But like I said, who else is there?

And as for Ortiz vs. Shamrock III, CUT IT OUT UFC!!! It's not like Liddell vs. Coutour III or Arlovski vs. Sylvia III (gawd that was a horrible fight), those fights could have gone either way. We all know Shamrock is gonna get stomped, even Shamrock knows that.


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When the UFC first began 2 boxers were called out ... Tyson and Roy Jones Jr. Both boxers declined saying they make more money from a single boxing match than they would make from a single UFC event. Remember, the prize back then was $50,000 dollars for running a gauntlet of 3 fighters. Tyson and Jones were making millions on top of millions for fighting one man. Reason or excuse ... that was their take on it.

This was within the first 15 UFC events. I don't know the guys names as very few of the fighters from back then are still fighting.

BTW ... Tyson would win if Ortiz decided to keep the fight standing. Forrest Griffin was winning the stand-up battle against him and we all know what Chuck Liddell did to him. In order for Ortiz to win, he would have to shoot the instant John McCarthy shouts "Let's get it on!".

Speaking of McCarthy, did anyone catch Shoney Carter's prank on Charles McCarthy on the reality show?

"Charles McCarthyyyyy .... it is not yooouuu!"

That was hilarious!

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