Foot pegs


Where on the site did I see the footpeg mod about I think using a 750 peg with spacers or any other mod would be appreciated, my right foot is killing me.
I read someware that if you replace the Hayabusa pegs with GSXR pegs you will gain about a 1/2 inch or so, leg room because your eliminating the rubber pad on the Hayabusa pegs, where as the GSXR pegs have no rubber pad.

I might be wrong, but thats what I recall off the top of my haed.

Depending on what you're after (more leg room, cooler look, footpeg angle, etc), a no-cost approach might work.
I have seen the stock pegs, with the rubber removed and the remaining metal lightly "knurled".
- Free
- Looks trick
- Almost 1-1/4" more leg room.
Go to and they have 360 degree adjustable ones for sale for about $69. They swing up for clearance or you can swing them down for comfort. Looks good, I am gonna get a set.

I needed more leg room, so stole the foot pegs from brothers CBR 600, no mods needed they fit straight on. You gain about 15-20mm between seat and foot peg and still have a small amount of rubber to kill vibes