Flat tire already?!?


Day number three, and MY BACK TIRE IS DOWN TO LESS THAN 20 POUNDS OF AIR!   :whip:  

I am so bummed.  For cryin' out loud, I don't even have 160 miles on the thing.

This just goes to show, it's a good idea to do a pre-flight walk around before leaving home.  I didn't discover it until I was 5 blocks from home.  
  Luckily one of my neighbors aired it up and I limped it back to the garage.

How hard it this going to be to remove the rear wheel??
Have your shop check the tire, unless you alrady know it is a nail or such. Could be the rim or valve stem. Let's hope so.
Bosch, Congrats on the new busa, sorry about the tire. Not big deal to remove wheel and the good news is that a local shop should be able to fix or even replace same or next day if you call them ahead of time. just make sure the bike is fully supported. If you you don't want to mess around, just call them and tell them you're coming. Good Luck