I had a friend order a "Fitch" (permanent fuel treatment) for his Blackbird which cost 50$. I thought it was a waste of money. He received two by mistake, which made me read a little more about it. I found out it was approved by Prostar and I decided to put some in my fuel tank since it was for free and it couldn't hurt anything. It is supposed to increase horsepower and torque while giving you better gas mileage. My bike Dynoed at 170mph back in Feb, so hopefully in the next few weeks, I can put it back on the Dyno and see if there was an increase. Has anyone else tried this product?
I the site sceptic....I gotta call bunk on this 1 .
Especially the tuning segment . Juz 'cause we poured some of this crud in our tanks we should throw away the PowerCommanders,the TRE's,the air box mods,etc etc .
I dunno....put it all back to stock??? What happens after that tank of fuel??? Put it all back on again???
Ya sure....That band , The Kink's , they said ...
"Paranoia may destroya" ......thats me....Mr. Paranoid.