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Ok, I started the exhaust install, or rather the exhaust tear down today. Thought I'd post the pics I've taken so far to keep from having so many to post at once. I've got all the factory exhaust and the pair valve and related junk removed at this point. Later tonight or tomorrow I'll start the actual installation of the Hindle system.

With that said, "first ya git'er nekkid! :D

Here she is with the fairings off and the tank propped.

A shot with the hose removed and the cap that comes with the BDE PAIR block-off kit installed. Nice clean look and virtually no weight to the cap.

Shot taken during the removal of the header bolts and PAIR garb. I put a piece of cardboard over the radiator to avoid dinging the fins. One of the best tips I got from folks that have already done exhaust installs. Thanks!

Dude, what's up with the nude photos. That type of material should be banned. That is just too xxxxxxplict!!!!!!
Shot of the factory system after removal. Some heavy stuff! I am going to try and weigh the Hindle before installation if I can find some scales.

Here's her bare chest without the headers and PAIR garb blocking the view. Nice chest, huh? :super:

A closer shot to show the nipple that gets capped during the PAIR removal mod. It's the black cap almost dead center in the photo, beside the grey vacuum line to the fourth throttle body.

If you haven't disassembled your busa to this point yet I highly recommend it. Nothing like really getting to know your bike! Now let's hope I can get her back together. :laugh:

sweeet pics....good references for when I do my exhaust install this winter.
That's it for today. I hope to get an earlier start tomorrow and get the install done. I had a blast wrenching on my busa today! Almost as fun as riding her... ALMOST! Can't wait to get the install done and load the BDE PC map so I can fire it off and hear that schweet exhaust. If the BDE/Hindle sounds as good as it looks I may just pass out from the joy of it all! Woohoooooooo!

Haven't had this much fun since my last Mustang. There's nothing like wrenching on your own toys!!!
Wooooooooooooo!!! I need a  smoke after that :laugh: . LQQkn good TRAIN.  Man them picture are clear as hell brotha .

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The deflowering of a virgin. :eek:

Such clean smooth curves.....................

Now pick those cans up off of the cement.
They are soft aluminium and will scratch VERY easily.

Easier to sell if you can call them MINT!