First Trackday


So I took the busa to the RideSmart track day at Texas World Speedway in College Station, Texas. I've never been to track day and swore that I'd never put the busa on the track. But I decided I just had to try it. This was definately a low budget operation. I put the Cortech bags on the bike, packed a small tool kit, some blue painters tape, and a sleeping bag. With that, I hit the road for the 200 mile ride from Dallas to College Station.

After taping the lights, removing the mirrors and the plate, the busa and I bedded down on the garage floor for the night.

Monday was perfect. The weather was great, and we were on the track early. The busa seemed to be right at home on the track. I didn't have a lap timer, but this "touring" bike sure passed a lot of "track" bikes during the day. The Pilot Powers worked great and have completely lost their chicken strips. The day wasn't completely damage free. While I stayed on the track, and never laid it down, there are marks on the left can and the right lower faring. But I'm actually quite proud of those, as proof that I had the big bike over in the turns.

If you've never been to a track day, I highly recommend it. And that's regardless of skill level. I have come to believe that everyone who rides a sport bike, should get to a track day. I learned so much about my bike, my abilities, safety, and general awareness of what's important while riding.

Kudos to RideSmart for putting on a great event. RideSmart



Track Coach / TufPoodle Coach
The track is definately a kick in the arse. Just plain and simple fun and should be enjoyed by all riders regradless of skill or age.

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