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Well guys,
Today I'm gonna finnally quit the talk and go head to head with a freinds R1 Stock. I have the Yosh RS3 race & PCUSBIII. Was doing some intel on the R1 website and they TALKED about eating up our Busa's. This will be interesting as we are Both first time on the track guys. I probably have the edge on anykind of exp. Some info here might help though. After doing our burn out to warm the tires and when at the line. What is the RPM I should be at for a good launch? Too much power & I may fish tail out & too little means I have to play catch up.
Bust his ass!!!! I can't stand those R-1's. Twist the throttle on his ass. You should put a sticker on the back of your jacket and have it say, "CAN YOU READ MY TAG? GUESS NOT CUZ YOU'RE TOO FAR BACK!!!" LOL!!!!


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make sure you practice, no matter how bad a$$ that bike is the jockey is the key to a win.

good luck!!

P.S. I have a couple of R1 kills.


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Dont rev it up and dump the clutch,rev it till about 6000 and feather the clutch out at the same time feeding it more throttle,get to wide open ASAP and dont be late shifting,if you hit the rev limiter,he'll come around you.


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The Fairplex drag strip ended up being closed. The nice thing though is there is a street that runs parallel to the track. So I don't have times to give. All I know is I beat him 3 bike lenghts on first run then almost 4.5 the next. That was all we tried as it was a public street.
go into the mods forum under racing n look around-lots of good tips for dragin' your Busa in there...some stuff is relatively cheap too-a strap for the front is only $10, and dogbones are like $30/40-get the bike down low, drop tire psi at the rear to bout 25/28, and learn how to 'slip' the clutch, and you're gloden.
(crew illogic @ Sep. 07 2006,18:20)
(stlbusarider @ Sep. 07 2006,17:17)
(MentalSuicide @ Sep. 07 2006,17:09) Is a R1 the fastest liter bike?

Edit: i mean in  the 1/4 not top end
No I'm pretty sure the zx10 is.
The last Literbike comparo I read was in CycleWorld (a few months ago.) .. They had the 06 GSXR1K with the fastest 1/4 mile time at 9.76 It edged out the ZX-10 by a little over .10 sec. However, the ZX-10 has more bhp and a higher top end speed than the GSXR1K
around 182 vs. 179
(badassblackbusa @ Sep. 11 2006,15:32) yep the new gsxr1000s are faster than the busa. with the right rider an setup of course. now stock for stock itll be a good race. same horse power 100 lbs less.
i have a friend that has a new gsxr 1k. his runs like sh#$. and his dad is the 1 who does the tuning on mine. his best pass is a 9.95 hes lowered, exhaust, air shifter,pc3 w/ custom map, and a filter, and a strap.

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