First track day

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First of all. I want to give mad thanks to Paul, Dave, Dylan, Lynn, Rosa, Dave(929), Finn, Jon, and Chris for making my first time at the track that much more enjoyable

First track day at Summit Raceway in WV. Went to sleep at 2am and woke up at 5am to get prepared for the track.  Meet up with 2 of my buddies Paul(VFR800) and Dave(Gix 750) at the local shell gas station at 6am. We rode up to the track and arrived around 7:30 am.  We prepped the bikes for the tech.  Everything went smoothly for the bus.  The anticipation is sick.  Went through all the rules for the intro and beginners class.  The three of us orginally signed up for the free intro class with NESBA which is 2 morning sessions. After the first session. Paul comes back in from the first session and is smiling from ear to ear and swipes the credit card for the rest of the day.  Dave and myself take one more session before coughing up the dough.  We decide to sign up for the rest of the day. Thanks Paul if you are reading this.   Put a damage to my wallet, the cost was $240 which included the membership fee and the track day cost inself. But in the end well worth it.  :bounce: Only nervous moment of the day was the first time I rode onto the track for the first time. We lined up in the pits.  I didnt notice anything differnt until I put my hand on the tank.  I couldnt stop from shaking.  :eek: I also had just put fresh rubbers with new wheels onto the bus. I hadnt had enough riding time with the Diable corsas and with the Marchesini wheels.  The tires hooked up very well at the track.  I didnt feel any slipping from the tires on any of the turns.  The scariest moment of the day occured on the first lap of the day.  Not even into turn three(left sweeper) a rider decides to pass Dave and myself on a short straight going into turn three.  For some reason the rider decides he wants to go off roading. Next thing the rider is flipping and tumbling on the grass.  I was thinking to myself "OOHHHhhh Hell NO" that did not just happen.  It happend all within 30 feet in front of me.  The of the day was just perfect until we had to ride the bikes back home.  Ive gone cross country on the Bus and have never felt so much pain and stress riding an hour and a half back. Next time trailer.  :D Here are a few shots
Heres a shot fot he busa ready for the track

Heres a shot of the Pirelli Diablo Corsa rear. Great tires for track and street use. The tire hooked up on the track and never did I feel uncortable leaning into turns

Control riders are the key to faster lap times

I am 6'4 and at 315 lbs