First time pulled over on the Busa...

Yesterday while riding home from work I was in my town of Plesantview on a nice 2 lane road with a posted speed limit of 45 MPH.
I got behind a large SUV going 40 mph.:banghead: It was such a pretty day and I knew the road well. I came to a passing zone and decided that
I was going to pass this large vehichle on a Sunday drive, sooooooo I just stayed in 3rd and rolled it on a little passing the SUV as I get back over in my lane I see a County Sheriff sitting under a tree shooting radar :whistle: I think...... Hmmmm 2 choices here, down shift into 2nd and take on the open road and his driving abilites or nail the front brakes and nose dive it down to close the speed limit. I chose option 2 since I was getting off work and a little tired and it was in my small home town and chances are I would be seeing this cop again..... Front end nose dives down and as I pass him the blue lights come on:banghead:
I pull over in to a large pull off area and take my helmet off before he even walks up to me....
Cop: Good afternoon (with a smirk on his face
Me: Good afternoon officer.
Cop: Do you know why I am pulling you over?
Me: I am guessing not abiding the posted speed limit, I thought the speed limit was 55 and the vehichle in front of me was traveling 40 and I seen it was safe to pass.
Cop: I clocked you at 84
Me: I am sorry no disrect was intended on your road I didnt realize that my speed got that high I wanted to pass as quickly and safely as the road conditions allowed me.
Cop: Ohh I know about these Hayabusas and how quick they acccelerate.
Me: I get up and to get my wallet out
Cop: No need for that, just becareful and have a good day, I am just glad I didnt have to try and run you down.
Me: Thank you very much officer have a good day and becareful.

Shoulda kept it in C mode.

Omg I'm laughing so hard right now.

Glad it worked out and you didn't get a fat one.
Where was he sitting? They like to sit out in front of that old car wash on 49, and in that dip just outside of town on 41A N. Too close to home to be running...

Most of our local LEO are pretty decent. He let you off because you stopped. Wife of one of the locals works for me :)
84 in a 45 and you got a warning.......i can't get off if I am going 6 mpg over let alone 39!!!! Congrats now go play the lotto
Yep, been pulled over several times and just stop as soon as possible, normally give you a warning and thank you for stopping. :)
Holy Cow! If I were a cop and pulled some guy over on a busa that was 6'7" and looked like Herman Munster, I wouldn't have given him a ticket either! :laugh:
I got pulled over today in my C6 must be something in the air. No front plate, wanted consent to look in my trunk I said maybe I will if you have a good reason Ill give consent he said he is not required to tell me so I said I'm not required to give consent. 40 minutes of sitting while he ran my stuff and had lunch and off I was...
Yea, he obviously missed the required douche 101 at the academy :laugh:

Very true! Its a hit or miss I just wish cop cars had emtiocons of there current mood on there cop cars would make life much simpilar.
I believe it also helps when your wearing full gear and have grey hair on your face :dunno: