first time on a busa 1/4 mile times

this was the first time on a busa for me..... i have not rode a bike for 3 years i didnt even get to ride it on the street to get used to it ....i'm 250 pounds suited mods are Ti Force exhaust, strapped, lowered 2 inches,air box mod, 16/39 gearing, Shinko tire, clutch mod, stock wheel base

9.83 at 140mph with a weak 1.65 60ft time and got booted off the track because my drag license had expired a few years ago ....its time to renew my drag license and try a dry shot of juice and work on my 60ft times

what are some of you big guys running with similar mods??? i know i have to work on my 60 ft times with more seat time my last bike 60 ft times where 1.42s with a mickey tire