First round of mods complete!

Picked it up bone stock with a rashed up right fairing and mismatched hump...

Now its got a new fairing, Muzzy Ti Full system, PCIIIR, K&N airbox, and lowered front and rear, plus a strap up front...

Can't wait to get to the track!

I've always loved this color combination. If they did it on newer years I would definitely have one, but 2002 is a little old for me. But incredibly sexy bike! Oh and don't ride around with the launch strap on, cause it's bad for the front forks. Sweet ride bro.
Thanks guys, I love the color too! And btw, the strap is "on" but its not bearing a load, the front is dropped with the triple tree spacers! My only wish is that I had gotten either the fully adjustable rear links or the ones with 5 holes instead of only 3, I wish the back was just slightly lower but the third hole is overkill..

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