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Hi All,

I just wanted to say hi. I picked up my bike two weeks ago 06 blue/silver busa and already i am loving it. I traded in a an SV1000S which was fun and all but I wanted an inline. I have about 430mi on it so far and cant wait to get past break in.

I have a question though. I noticed already that I think an allen bolt, (on right side of bike, lowest hole on fairing) has fallen off. Must be from vibration. It is connected to that metal brace that goes from the right side to the left side fairing. Does anyone know what size thread the bolt and nut are? I want to run over to Home depot and get another one...
Funny! I was missing the same one!! Went right back to the stealership, they didn't have one, so they took it off another new Busa...go figure! I think I've read somewhere that, that is where it bolts to the crate during shipping?? Go back and get a bolt from them! Or go to Home Depot.


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I don't think they have 'em at Home Depot. Take off the next bolt up the fairing and see if they can match it. Auto Zone, maybe?

Best best, take it to the dealer and get one from them.

And welcome aboard!

Thats Blue/Silver and so far I would agree, its the fastest!

Hmm, now i am wondering if mine was missing from get go to. I picked the bike up two weeks ago, they better give me another one for free! i paid enough for the bike! Got it for $9200 at Cycle World In Cherry Hill, NJ. Not bad. I could have waited another month or so to see if they had leftovers for another $200 or so off but didnt want to chance it.


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Welcome and congrats...............

Did anybody mention we like pics around here...........

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