First oil change


So I'm approaching 500 miles on my brand new hayabusa and just called the dealer and they quoted 225.00 for the service. Is that correct? I remember on my new 06 cbr back then it was only 86.00. Now I'm just thinking about doing it myself. Anyone in the Dfw area know a good place to go?
Just keep your reciepts of the oil and the filter and you should be fine. Many here have done their own. Are they saying they wont honor your warranty if they dont do it? The do other things with the first service besides an oil change, they torque bolts and check the bike over. Mine has not been back to a dealer since I purchased it.
Cool that's good to know! I'm just wondering if it is worth it and wondering if a Kawasaki dealer be able to do it? There is one closer and he may charge a better rate.
On my '06 I kept up with all these receipts and mess and then on the '08 I just did it. The last time I bought the oil and filter from the dealer for my bike I paid $39.

Like said they are suppose to do more than just change the oil.
That Number sounds about right for my area too. Like mentioned before, they do other things(or at least are supposed to) other than oil change. My bike has never seen a dealer after I bought it.
I MIGHT let them do the FIRST change if there's any Factory checks that need to be made (and that would need to be by Suzuki), but after that highly recommend learning to change your own oil wrenching on your own bike is very satisfying....
I had the same dilemma as yours, they also quoted me almost the same amount, but to be safe, I paid and let them do the job. But next time I will do a diy oil change, for I find it to expensive.
I think for that amount you get more then just an oil change. like adjust the chain and once over checking stuff
Torque specs, lube, chain adjust, oil, filter, visual/physical inspection of brakes, steering and functions.

Do they do a through and complete job? That all depends on the integrity of the shop and your willingness to trust them to. DWNLD the service manual, invest in some tools and learn/start doing what you can yourself. Dealerships make money on service,aftermarket swag and parts.