First motorcycle

The "flight program" started with a Benelli, Dynamo Compact.  Fifty cubic centimeters, and 5.5hp.
Airspeed approached 50mph (55 downhill)!!!
This pilots age was 13 then. Thirty three years later, advanced flight manuvers are accomplished with the 2k1 hayabusa.
My first bike was a 50cc Honda three wheeler when I was three years old then I progressed to the 125 XL dirt bike. My last bike was an '85 Kaw Voyager ZN1300 (this was sold in March). Next bike will be a Busa
My first bike was also a Honda 50cc minibike then I got a Suzuki DS80 (one step below the RM 80) My first street bike was a 1998 Honda CBR 600 and now I have a 2000 Busa.
this thread i old I know... but 3 people just said busa was their first bike... hmm are they still alive? do they still post? if not that explains alot

Let me see I know 3 people who jump off a bridge. I know 2 12 year olds who dirive a car, etc. Nobody said that a 17 year old can not drive a Busa. What most of us said is they should not drive a Busa.
I started riding when I was 30 years old on a Suzuki GS 500E, after one year I stepped up to a 92 GSXR 750 (good salesman), that got stolen, bought a 93 GSXR 750w, put 73k miles on it and sold it and bought the 02 'Busa in Oct 01.  8k miles on it so far.
There was that damn minibike with the lawnmower engine that the throttle always stuck on, but we won't get into that. For me it was a honda xl 250 enduro. Then there was the 80 mph kz 440. What a good time gem. Don't miss those days one bit.
Honda CM400, (2)Honda CB550 Fours (one was a drag bike, super fun!) Honda CB750, '78 Suzuki GS1000 (with a few mods, was extremely fast), '75 Kawasaki Z-1 900, '83 Suzuki GS 1100 E, and my diploma: 2001 SUZUKI GSX1300R HAYABUSA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
first bike, 99 katana 750, bought in 2000 at 21 yrs old
i'm now 23 n picked up the busa lil over a month ago cuz the katanas broke and i was tired of waiting to fix it.
also have an 82 xl125 i'm rebuilding (came as a box of rusty old parts)