First mod


New Busa Getting Broken in. What is the first mod you guys recommend? I would still like to keep the twin pipe look, I like the sound of the stock setup would like it louder. Too quiet would slip ons do the trick? Or would a 4-2-1 system perform better? Which brands do you recommend to be best and ballpark price. Answer to first mod and exhaust questions greatly appreciated.
Slip ons don't make more power..just sound..four into one makes best power, [sez Knebnr],and i believe him.
power commander for a 2002..i dunno..earlier bikes it will work
99 to 01. people are working on the 02..speed limiter and such. then there is the air box mod..both small and large..look in the modification section for details. So pipe,airbox,and powercommander..[if it works on 02] could get you 165 rear wheel hp's..ride safe..I just love my Busa waaaaaay to much.
Addiction sucks..eehhaa!!

ps, then theres the tre unit....hang on.. Ralph in Nevada @50.
Depends what your looking for? I wasn't looking for a lot more power, I was going for a look and nice sound, so I got the Polished stainless steel Yoshimura RS3 Bolt ons for $460.
Im going to polish the rims,frame and swing arm and these cans gave me the look I wanted, along with chrome bar ends and Hayabusa decals it should turn out good.
If you want to check these cans out and listen to them... let me know, I'll take a ride one week end up towrds you there by Elkart Lake.

Depends on what you want to do with your bike. Today I just order a 16T front sproket, 3" rear lowering links, and front tie down straps. But I'm more interested in drag racing the bike, and dont care a thing about knee dragin. So it depends on what you want to do. Next for me is the clutch mod, then exhaust, and then extended swingarm.
If you are just interested in the sound, slip ons will do fine. plenty of HP in the bike stock, unless you are a power freak and need to keep going up & up and away.
I would suggest the Yosh RS3 Slip ons. I added them to my bike and got a little more of a throaty sound. Contrary to what I've seen several times, slip ons will give you a little more horse power, but nothing like a full system, but then again, the price difference is big. Busa is a little throatier so you won't get the high winey sound that you'll hear on the GSXR750's or 1000's or even the R6's and R1's. Just a differenct beast. It would go well with the polishing job too b/c they have a nice polish chrome themselves...