first mod.


I am not a new rider. I am one who has sleped on the Busa. What I wanna know is what are the most common mods done to a Busa. I have braided brake lines already. What next?
Some more common mods would be cans, or full system, Power Commander, perf filter, pair mod, clear lights, undertail, or mod the stock undertail (remove the flap...that kind of thing), maybe some polishing or chroming, or both, seat, grips, levers, mirrors, maybe some better tires, tank bra or some kind of tank protector........the list goes on.
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Lose the factory warning stickers and the reflectors. That elevates the busa about three notches up the class continuum with no other mods or changes. Stickers and reflectors suck! :D

That's good advice, also let your wallet be your guide because it can get expensive really quick once the bug bites you. Good luck!!!!
cut that fender off, remove the stickers and reflectors.