First mod recommendation wanted


Seeing what the concensus is for first mods. I like the twin pipe look and sound but stock is too quiet. What do I want to do before or after and does a 4-1 work better than the 4-2?
I love the sound of a 4:2:1:2 setup. You will not notice any loss in power on the low end of 155hp to the high end of 180hp. Go pipes and other mods with a 4:2:1:2 etup can get you a gain of 12-14hp.
Muzzy fulll system .Best 580.00 I ever spent load and proud.

Here is what I did to my stockers. The sound is GREAT!

Went on a good 200 miler today to try the new pipes,

What I did was drill the front end baffle plate with five 1/2" holes each and then after removing the rear end beauty caps, drilled nine 1/2" holes in the rear baffle plate, three each between the screw posts. Masked and painted the ends with 1500 degree paint and reinstalled the screws. Doesn't look bad at all either.

The only possible performance difference I (think) I felt was a reduced back pressure feeling on hard decel at high revs. If I did in fact feel some difference, I like it. Not the usual lurch forward when down shifting like the very restrictive stockers seemed to do. Acceleration was not effected. Looooove the sound, really. Would like to hear it from another's perspective and not just from the seat but I really do like it. No pops or swooshie sound, just a nice deep throaty rumble.

I think if you can find a set of take offs in good condition or using your own, you can have a great sounding set of pipes for a fraction of the cost of any 'store bought' slip ons. I'd love to hear some others in a side by side comparo to see what differences in sound there actually is. Not considering any HP gains or losses, just the sound.
As far as the first mod, it has to be air filter. I would suggest K & N with a partial box mod. Also I would get a tre,(timing retard eliminator).

I love the dual exhaust and decided not to give it up until recently. Now I give it up only for more power. I went with micron carbon fiber bolt on. I kept the dual pipe look, but gained a really nice sound. Louder then stock but not screaming for attention. It has a great tone in high rpm. I did see a set of carbon bolts ons, I think on auction site.

After you get these mods put on, you will need a map.
Dang Piefighter go ahead and say it im a dumbarse didnt even notice that  ....Maybe he is still looking....
1. stiffer fork springs.
2. ebc pads
3. braided front lines
4. T.R.E. (depending on who ya talk to.)
5. double bubble screen
6. air filter

(catvman54 @ Feb. 21 2007,16:48) I got the HMF cf high mounts. Load as hell at 10grand. Also got a k&n, airbox mod, and a tre.
WOW ya did some diggin' to find this one