First Issue Ever

After going through four Hayabusas, I've had my first problem. My '06 was basically just sitting for two years, and I'm getting it back on the road now. Unfortunately, it's got a dead miss. Thought the bad fuel probably clogged an injector but pulled the plugs to check anyway. I was checking the resistance in the coil packs, and found that the cylinder farthest right on the bike (#4?) has a resistance of 4.5 ohms while the others are at 2.5 ohms. Does anyone know what the acceptable range of resistance is? Also, are the coils the same on the Gen 1 and Gen 2? Luckily, I have a temporary donor parked next to it if they are :laugh:
Swapped the #4 coil with one from the other bike, and no difference. It is definitely #4 that's missing, though. I'll check for spark next, but I'm back to thinking the injector may be clogged.
common problem with lay ups these days...plugs aren't as robust as they used to be against the elements...fancy metals for the tips are great for better plug efficiency but lousy for life.

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