First Engine And Exhaust MODS


I just recently purchased my 03' Busa and I want to put another exhaust on either Two Bros or Yoshimura. I don't know whether to go with a Full System or Simply add the Bolt-ons. THe power will probably be wanted later and don't mind spending the money, but what is the best course to take when doing so? I have read a lot of topics on exhaust and others and I seem to see a lot needing to be done other than just bolting on the pipes. If I put the full system on, do I need a K&N air filter or BMC? Should I by a reprogrammer? Should I have the PAIR valve removed? I guess I just want to know what HAS to be done when putting in a full exhaust system. I will also like to keep the Dual Pipes.. Thanks
I would recommend going with a full system, (like the yosh rs-3) and BMC filter, if your going to be doing more engine mods later on. Slip-Ons will help reduce weight a bit, possibly add some more power, and change the sound. You dont have to remap but 'usually' its a good idea to get better performance. PAIR mod is up to you, it helps remove weight{if you actually remove it} and add about 1 hp (woohoo
I would suggest that you wait and do all you mods at once...At least the basics exhaust, PC3R, etc...Research and find what you like...If you go with 2 Bros slipons they are a night mare to tune...Unless you have access to a Dyno near by...
Thanks for the advice, Do you guys like the Dynojet Commander or the Yoshimura EMS better? I'm really considering buying the Yosh Exhaust system and figured might as well stay with the Yosh Ems as well plus I like the features of the accessories. Are they basically the same?
The Yosh EMS is better than the PC, IMO. I like the features it has and the accessory hub is a nice addition

Are you better off letting the guys at the shop set your maps or doing it yourself via the USB link on the Yosh EMS. Did you get the accessory hub that allows you to switch the maps while riding?
You will probly be better off letting a shop tune your bike, if you are just adding the exhaust, then (if i remember correctly) if they have a yosh box they can tune your bike and make the change without having to buy a PC or the yosh EMS. But you can probly download a map for the exhaust if its not on the cd that comes with the EMS. So if you just want it perfect you can let the shop tune it for you, or use one that is made for a specific setting.

2nd Q: Not yet but im going to get it eventually, when i get the bike to the track (may be a while), but im planing to add Nitrous later on for the drag and being able to switch maps with the flip of a switch will be nice so i save a little gas while i just ride around normally. Plus it can control a shift light.