First dyno run


Had my first dyno test done the other day...made 155.9/97ish stock and 165.7/99ish with the akro pipe (02 busa). I suppose thats about normal but the fuel/air mixture is what made the difference for me. The throttle response throughout the range is tons better. The tuner used the yosh box so w/a pc I suppose it even be better. Highly recommended for those who havent had their bike dynod.
165.7/99ish with JUST the akro pipe? Did you do a air box mod or any remapping? Can I just add this exhaust system and get 165 hp?
Just remember, "You get it out, you need to get it in." Air at least with a fast flowing airfilter.
Hey Ninja wat do you recommend for an air filter I used K&N before but I had a stage III on my 1100 and I wsa told by the guys at my local shop with a dyno that it is just a tuning tool that it gives you a corrected HP and if you play with the numbers it will say almost anything you want it to it is for improving the power curve and se which parts work better not a real measure of peak HP
One thing missing with a dyno run, the effect the ram air has.
Anyone know what sort of % increase at 100 mph + it would make?.
Stick with the stock air cleaner K&N doesn't work on Busa.

They say ram air is good for about 9 to 13 percent increase at speeds above 100. zx12 is more efficent than busa so numbers might not be quit that good on busa..........Carpenter racing offers add on scoops but to me they look like
I installed an akro evolution pipe, kn filter and had the fi remapped w/ a yosh box. This particular pipe gave pretty much the same numbers to about 5000 or so and took off at about 7000.
Those numbers are really high for a stock bike. 155? Remember that it also depends on who is running the dyno, local guy here I know that has one said he can make it say whatever you want it to. I think that 155 on a stock bike is way high, might need to have someone else dyno it.
Yeah Im aware the dyno numbers differ from bike to bike and tuner to tuner. Mine was done at EDR Performance in Hillsboro, Or. The numbers dont really concern me, but the throttle response is vastly improved (it also shaved ~20lbs of weight too). My next bike is gonna get dyno tuned w/or w/o a new pipe. The only thing left for me is a suspension dial-in at circuit one.