First close call on the busa


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Heading home late last night on a unlit stretch of highway doing about 65 and all of a sudden from the left lane a large black thing darts right in front the Busa. Felt a thunk, bike jumped and then a split second later I catch a glimps of the furry critter as it hit my left boot knocking it right off the foot peg with incredible force.

Few miles down the road I pull into a quickymart under a light and decided at that point not to even get off the bike as I would rather wait till I got home to see the damage. 5 miles later I pulled into the garage.

I thought for sure I'd be forking out $$$$ for a new left fairing and possibly an oil cooler (bike being lowered wasn't going to help matters either). Looked down and saw nothing! Put the bike on stands, turned on all the lights and absolutely nothing touched the front of the bike. No blood, fur or anything.

At least I know I wasn't crazy as there were blood spatters on the left exhaust pipe and muffler.

Went back to the scene of the crime this morning and it was a huge freakin raccoon...about medium dog size. That sucker was cut in two with ½ laying about 15' away. Wish it was caught on camera as I'd love to see how it got hit up front and came out the left side without touching anything but my boot.

Poor guy did get some last second revenge as my left ankle has been aching all day.


I have also taken out a full size raccoon on my bike.
I just clipped it but it killed it instantly.


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I have hit a rabbit and a bird. Rabbit was scary but bird was scarier. It was playing chicken with my bike and the bike won. It dove in front of me, I ducked under windscreen and splat. Blood was on me and the front of the bike. Pulled up at my friends house I got off the bike and he thought it was my blood. That was back in my stupid, not wearing helmet days as a kid. I never knew that birds had so much blood in them.
I've been having black bears run out in front of me lately (4 in the last 3 weeks). They where not really close, thank god, but if I would have been 3 seconds sooner......


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Very lucky. Glad your ok. I've hit a few squirral type things in central Canada and a bird hit my armored knee. Surprising how hard those birds hit at speed isn't it. None lived.

Don Hardcastle

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Took out a bird with my helmet. My riding partner said that it looked like that baseball vid where the bird flies into the path of the ball and explodes. I was doing about 80 or so. Didn't hurt the helmet or my head, but the bird had a bad day.



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BA Busa creamed a squirrel in So CA a few months ago. Flipped the squirrel up high into the air right at the rider behind him!



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Last night while riding a ran across an entire division of deer!!! A hunter would have had a field day. (I don't hunt, however)

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