first busa why did i wait so long? ??????

terry b

why OH WHY did i listen to all my friends and not get one sooner? ??????. now i feel like a turtle on anything else i ride and nothing seems to compare, also why did i ever feel that my 1800 was the bees knees in the power dept? wrong so wrong. and one more why oh why does everybody try to race me on this bike even the junk chinese 150 cc scooters or honda civics that sound like canned farts? :lol:
Welcome! I was going to tell about the world beating Honda 600, but you'll decide to let one win one day, too.............
:welcome: to the oRg :thumbsup:

They do it 1) To see the always incredible / mighty Busa 2) They passed a cop running RADAR over the hill you're headed toward ten minutes earlier :laugh:

Get use to people gathering around it parked and little tiny finger prints all over it too. I try to always park mine in public where I can see it.
why the wait?........probably like most the looks and its rep of being a mental machine put people off.
Things is the rep comes from people who've never ridden one.
I took a new GSXR 1000 L2 out for a test yesterday....quick ?..oh yes...quicker than the Busa?..maybe a touch....BUT and a BUG BUT..its awful as a road bike, terrible buzz through the bars and fidgets something shocking at the slightest road flaw...i can easily run better lines and with more commitment on my Busa.....GSXR has a smoother gearbox but it needs it as the spread of power is narrower so more shifting needed.

Welcome to the Busa'll be a long while before you can find a better all round bike.
not trying to race anyone but most people trying to race me it seems quite often in cars and everything else on the road i just accel normaly and thats that lol. the other day i had two crotches following me for a mile or two then one flew up on my side i looked over at him he looked at my bike then dropped way back real funny probably figured he was out matched when he saw that my bike was a busa soon after they turned off before the next light of course:laugh:im not the boy racer type acting a fool but will spank a few now and again. i think most people dont have a clue what even a stock busa like mine is capable of but the look of shock on there face when they find out is priceles if your ever in my neck of the woods maybe we could meet up and ride a bit i only have one friend with a 600r the rest have crusers would like to find someone around here with the same type of bike as mine to ride with thats not still in there teens lol.
ive had many bikes over the years all crusers, have a 1800 vtx and yamaha majesty highway scooter and now the 2012 busa and the busa is my favorite so far. i have never had a bike that i wanted to ride as much to date. the majesty is my next favorite can go anywhere lots of storage plenty enogh power about 106 mph aprox 64 mpg so awesome when you want to just get there load it under the huge seat and cruise home without botherin with the car. vtx is a great bike too gobs of power not like busa of course but plenty of it and very very reliable but now collecting dust lol.the busa was my dream bike and first sport bike read about them for more then 5 years saved up and before i could change my mind bought a gen2 not sorry one bit only has 576 mi so far bout ready for first maintnance sooooo glad i have been fortunate enough to not just test drive one but own one with all lifes bills an etc this sights great been up here reading for a few years now maybe that in part is what helped me on buying one. my next thought is keep it stock or do the usual power commander pipes etc?? i value everyones opinion what do you suggest?
is there really a big theft problem with these bikes? and what are some things you do to keep it safe from the dirtbags.scared to leave it out.
Unless you can keep it in a garage every time you are not riding it there is NOTHING you can do to keep a determined thief from taking your bike . It's no different than a car,if they want it bad enough they'll get it . Best to have a good insurance company with full coverage and a deductible you can handle . I have a wheel lock,but that won't stop a good thief it's just there to keep the curious away .