firmer front brakes


I noticed yesterday that my idle seems to vary slightly once the bike is warmed up. it seems to vary by about 100 rpms the bike only has about 500 miles on it and its an 07 model the faster black one. its set to about 1300 rpm when warm and jumps up to about 1400. cables are fine not too tight throttle works idle was kind of low as delivered about 1000 so i adjusted it up to the high end of spec now it seems to hunt.
Mine hunts a bit at idle but I just ignore it because the bike runs fine otherwise. If it's doing it real bad, the throttle bodies may need to be sync'ed and the injectors cleaned. Ummm.. what does this have to do with firmer front brakes?
sorry about the title i entered two topics this morning real early and double posted one so i edited it to ask about the idle for some reason the title didnt change. im not going to worry about it then my bike runs great otherwise. I didnt notice it until i raised the idle speed.