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Well, I've been buying on-line for too many years already, but today was a first, actually two firsts. I picked up a set of parts from the classifieds here, and the package was shipped but somewhere in its travels, the package was ripped open and contents lost. USPS had the little "package rec'd unsealed" sticker on it. I contacted the seller to inform them I got an empty package.
While waiting a reply, I hoped on and ordered the parts new from 58Cycles... Within a two period they emailed me saying the parts shipped! I was amazed, after doing business with so many companies on-line and the frustration of waiting for a tracking # etc, this place sent me an email same day letting me know the status, the tracking number and expected delivery I'll do business with them again just because of that.
Now, the user gets back to me after he read the email I sent and seen the pics of the torn package. I did ask if there was insurance on the package, I insure every package I send for ppl that something from me because of this situation. No, the package was not insured. I told them not to worry about it, as things in life happen. He wasn't having that and replied he got paid for the parts and I didnt receive them, he was sending my $ back to my PP. Thats another first for me. I have had people say some really rude things in the last few years when something was missing, broke etc...but never had anyone return the money, let alone volunteer it. Thanks Ranman, your a stand-up part of this on-line family and I'd do business with you again just because of that!
I may be delayed from lowering my bike, but in the end, I know I can do business with either of those above and know I am covered in the event crap happens and I would guess Ranman will probably add insurance to sent packages as well. In the end, happy.



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Sucks that you had to wait a little longer for the parts, but glad you were taken care of.

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