Finally Went And Did It. After 15 Years Of Owning A Busa...


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I bought my 2001 Busa in Japan and brought her back to the states with me. I finally went and got some Busa related ink:


Since I have both an 01 and an 08, I did the top part of the symbol as more of the rounded Gen 1 style, with the lower part sharper like the Gen II.

Just thought I would share.

Getn off

That is great!
I have wanted a Busa since 99. If I was riding sport bikes regularly when in my youth, I would not be here today. Guaranteed. I stuck with cruisers and dirt bikes until my 40s. Then I thought phuckit!
The big Bus will always have a spot in my heart even if I am Busaless (cant imagine anything other than temporary, if at all!) in the future. I am building a 22x30 garage with 2 lifts. Under 1 lift I am putting a Mustang logo (I still own a '67 since '86 that grandma bought new) under the clear coat floor, and in the back where my bikes will be I am doing a Kanji.
My right shoulder has a Koi pond scene with a lotus flower. Thought it was apropos to add the Kanji negative in the pond a couple years ago.



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That looks great, I need some new ink. Went down to a local shop today but they were too busy. Will need to make an appointment.

Mr Brown

A very close friend died on his busa a few years back, green was his color. Wore a green rag in his funeral procession, now one is always with me.



Right there with you as well Will ~ however our good friend PirateDiverJeff #653 goes LARGE with a neck tat *

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My wife inked up herself with the Hayabusa kanji as well ~ I got road rash to remind me of my motorcycle adventures *
Always a fan of skulls and flames and added the broken bones for the crashes I've been in($1,300 worth[$1,200 +$100 tip]of ink from Jack Rudy/Tattooland in Anaheim,CA).Pretty steep($300 per hour)but old Jack has been around forever and one of the originators of blackwork so wanted to get something from him before he hangs it up.Met him at a convention in LA back in the early '90's when I had a shop in Mesa,AZ and didn't get this ink from him until 8 or 9 years ago.Dude's definitely a night owl,started this at 11:30 PM and finished around 3:30 AM.Good old dude,still run into him from time to time.


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