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Hello everyone,
I've been a member for quite some time, but was only on occasionally. Ever since I started riding, the Hayabusa was my dream bike. Not sure exactly why but I loved the look and appreciated the engineering that went into it. However, funds have always kept me practical. So my first bike actually was a used Burgman scooter due to my first wife thinking it was safer than a motorcycle. At least it was something. Actually pretty versatile and I could go pick up three large pizzas and put them under the seat. Wife 2.0 (as she likes to call herself) had no problem with me getting a motorcycle, so I ended up moving into a used FZ1. This was a very versatile bike and was plenty fast for my conservative ways. However, that dream bike kept looking at me. We had to make a move from Salt Lake to the Portland area for family reasons and I had to sell the FZ1 as we didn't have room to move it. So now that I'm established here it was time to get a new one. Still wanting to stay sport touring but not wanting to get the same thing I already had, I was looking into the FJR1300. While I know that would have been a very comfortable and capable bike, I was a bit worried about the weight. It wasn't bad when I sat on one in the dealer but it could have been different owning. My wife decided to tell me that I've been so careful with money and choices that I deserved to have my dream bike. The dealer had two 2019 Hayabusa's in the showroom: one black and one silver. Though I felt like I could have saved some money going used, at the time the only used ones were a 2013 that was several hours away and would have only saved a couple thousand. So we decided to do it and for the first time in my life I drove a brand new bike home from the dealer. I wasn't sure what to expect and since it was raining that day, the tires were new, and I hadn't been on a bike for a year I put it in C mode just to be safe. Probably wise for the time. I immediately noticed the pull it had even at low RPM. The trip home was uneventful and I had no problems controlling it even in the rain. Once home, I got it cleaned up, went ahead and put a ceramic coating on, and lubricated the chain. I love this bike! The looks really get me every time. It may be a strange thing, but I really appreciate the instrument cluster design. Sadly I'll probably never use most of this bikes potential, but I'm glad that I finally got to do it.

I don't plan to change a lot other than creature comforts. I did at the Techspec grip pads to both offer grip and tank protection. Some Helibars are on the way and I'm adding a top box because I need the utility. Other than that I will need to reshape the seat, just not good enough for me. My girls decided to get their pictures on it and at least one of them is wanting to go for a ride once I feel good on it. So far I have only got to get out late and try to do some slow speed parking maneuvers. Still trying to get the tight U-turn down. I did try some straight line accelerations in C and A mode. Did C mode first and was greatly impressed to how I remember the FZ1. I put in A and was shocked and even a bit terrified with the difference! Whoa this bike can move. Hard to believe that others think it needs more power, but again I'm new to it. I look forward to getting better and I really appreciate the forum for the knowledge that I've been able to pick up. Looking forward to learning more!


IMG_3911 10.50.10 PM.jpg



Sounds like you are enjoying life right now! For one, wife 2.0 sounds like a great partner and your new bike is gorgeous! As for creature comfort mods, a lot of us run helibars, have purchased buell pegs (lower than OEM) from a forum member that modifies them to make them fit the busa and run aftermarket seats. Some of us also run givi top and side cases. I have a corbin seat for sale on the classifieds, if you decide to buy another seat. All that being said, that Oort metallic gray is one of my favorite and colors and I recently bought fairings in that color to convert my white 2009. Enjoy your new toy and remember that the search bar on this forum can give you the answer to almost any question you might have.!

Oh, and we love pictures, so make sure to share your upgrades.




Hi there mate , just want to congratulate you on your new Busa , what an absolute beauty . Sounds like the Busa has been a well deserved reward for yourself , and along with your lovely family , you are now justifiably in a great position to enjoy getting to know your bird . As the lads have and will say , take care and keep us posted often !!


Welcome, congrats and well deserved.

This is a lovely looking bike and a pair of lovely young ladies.....the bunny with your little one is a good touch, make sure the bunny gets a ride too.


That is one of my favorite colors of all busa time. Congratulations and thanks for the detailed write up. Makes me relive the feeling and appreciation of mine. Beautiful family too!

Mr Brown

Congratulations, enjoy. Great looking bike, I love that color scheme.
Sounds like wife 2.0 is the updated version, when the upgrade is indeed an improvement, our lives are far better for the change.


Thanks everyone. The warm wishes and welcomes are appreciated.

Welcome, congrats and well deserved.

This is a lovely looking bike and a pair of lovely young ladies.....the bunny with your little one is a good touch, make sure the bunny gets a ride too.
According to my red head, the bunny was the one in control of the bike.

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