Finally got the bike of my dreams. 2005 Hayabusa

Hello all, I am new to the Hayabusa but not new to riding and basic general mechanics. After 2years of riding I have finally got my beast. She is a 2005 gen 1 i think. I am in the Army and stationed in Hawaii. I am the president of a Motorcycle Club. I have a couple of questions maybe some one can help me with. I have a PC3 installed on the busa, but when I try to download maps it only gives me the option of a PC5. Does anyone have the link to download the right maps, I have never had this problem. I am in love with this beast of a bike. If anybody has any pointers or free mods please put me in the game coach.
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If she is an 05 (that is Gen I), and she has a PC III, she probably has some other goodies as well. We have a rule around here-
POST PICS!!! Lots and lots of them...
If you do, you'll get lots o' compliments and people will be able to see where she is to give you better ideas, suggestions, etc...
Oh, and welcome to the .oRg!

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