Finally got My busa running after almost 3 years!!


Finally got it all back together and even went to the track with it already only hours after completion!!..been along time since I had it on the road,Kinda liking riding/racin the gixxer1000 though to be honest,love the Busa but there HEAVY!!!!!..LOL..

best time so far after 3 passes 8.92 @155mph!!..needs more gear and tune,still had map from stock motor in it and it needs to be mapped!!

New stuff added>

track arm 2-5" set @ 64"
Nickel plated Tsubaki sigma chain
6 position lowering dogbones
Polished wave rotors front and rear
Chrome clutch cover
clear LED intergrated LP taillight
JCS lowering tree
JE 13-1 1397 kit
Orient Express ported head
Orient Express ported throttle boddies and bigger blades 48mm
Extended ECM done By the man Dave O"
24 volt starting
Chrome blue accents












Thanks fellas!!

Not to bad to keep clean if your a Clean freak like Me!!..Bikes been polished for like 7 years and still looks sharp!!


Squirrel Master
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What a great lookin bike! Glad you have it running again. I'm going crazy because I havn't been able to ride mine for a month.


Looks really good man!!!! 2questions, 1 how much was it too do the 1397 kit and where can i get a six position link, i put a 10 inch arm on it and dont know how low i need too go but its definately need too lower it.... Its so high now the kick stand is like 2 and a half inches further from the ground than stock, i have had it on a jack since i put the arm on 2 weeks ago cause it leans to much when i put it down. But my buddy has a busa with a 10 inch arm and the 3 inch position is too much and the tire hits the tail light when he launches!!!!! Do they make links that go within a half of an inch


Sometimes Dopey fits too
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Any idea what she she'll dyno at without the juice. Really curious what the port and polish and other OE work is good for. I already know what the HC 1397 does...

Looks sweet


Off we go, into the wild blue yonder...
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Geeze... theres a bike behind all that chrome! Nice lookin ride man!
Gotta wear


Thanks again and I did all the work Myself and can Do Yours if you close??..

No idea what HP probably around 200 give or take..

I make and sell the 6 postion dogbones Give me a call if ya like a set (203)768-2710

Girls a Model from one of ower and young!!..I posted pics of her here before and they got taken off!!




Mr. January
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Damn, I'm usually the anti-bling. I usually dont like the blue colors but hell, that bike looks killer. I love it.

(You will here the thump when Doyle reads this post and faints!)
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