FINALLY!! Got my 2K3 Hayabusa today!! (pics)


Wow, what a day. I'm in Houston, and to get the best deal of my LIFE, I drove to Bartlesville, OK (North of Tulsa,OK). I've been working on this for a while, and didn't want to say anything until I could get it all done and here it is. 1000 miles round trip, all I can say is I'm beat. The bike has ONE mile on it so far.....hehe

If you're looking for a 'busa, I've got a deal for YOU !!!!. Call
Bartlesville CycleSports at 918-336-3800..... ask for Kreston (its a guy)... tell him I (Don from Houston), and he will sell you a 2003 Hayabusa for $9399 OTD (you pay tax, tags in your state) WON'T beat this deal... Call him NOW!

I picked mine up at 9am this morning, and just arrived in Houston an hour or so ago. I'm going to bed..... Later....

All that the others said and you bought the fastest color to boot! You DA MAN!!