Finally got my 01 out....

Well it isn't running good except full throttle. So limited street riding has kept me chasing my tail trying to figure out why its running bad at anything less than full throttle. There is a whole other post write up on it.

So anyways.... I finally made a few good runs, around 8 passes. The tire spun on every pass at some point. Mostly out of the hole I was ok, it would spin a little but atleast felt like I was moving at a decent rate of speed that I wasn't too bothered. But when the turbo spooled up it would spin the tire in 2,3, and 4th gear. It spun really hard one time around 140ish in 4th gear and actually smoked the tire a touch kicking the bike sideways a little.

One of my last passes I dropped tire pressure to 18 psi, heated the tire up a little longer and hoped for the best. Unfortunately the temp gauge was almost into the red zone when I staged. I could either make a simple cool off run or make my last pass of the day. And by last pass I mean I was making my last pass, not trying to blow up the motor.

Launched at 6k, spun the tire the in 2nd and 3rd gear and a sharp bark in 4th gear. My air shifter seal let loose earlier in the day so I was foot shifting. I ran right around 10,500 best I could except when the tire would spin which would bounce it off the limiter before I could shift. And obviously that slowed me down.

Anyways, this is my first real time on the 01 at the track. Last time it lifted the intake tube to the plenum and wouldn't run strong at all, figured that out after 4 passes. I thought maybe it was me. Bike felt strong but wouldn't et or mph. I could only pull 13x mph those 4 passes. I don't even want to tell you the et lol.

Anyways here is my best run.

As you can see the tire spin affects the 1/8 mile pretty good. My 60 fts suck also on this bike. My Vmax was able to run pretty consistent 1.68's to low 1.70's. I think the bike with a sticky tire should be able to hit 1.40's-1.50's for sure. I am hoping to see 5.80-90 1/8 miles and obviously I would like to see a 8.90 1/4 mile. The bike is capable and has enough power to do so. I just need more seat time.

I have a slick ( shinko reactor ) for it, but need to order a gear since its so tall. Also the rear suspension needs attention as well I believe. I have to review my videos more and see how its sitting. Also I would like to add a two step to it so I can be consistent on my launches. Though I will say that the bike was consistant even though I spun the tire in almost every gear, it ran within a .10 almost all day.

MPH was a good indicator that it will run quicker, with my best mph in the 148.9 mph range. I imagine with no tire spin I should pick up 2-3 mph or more, so I should be in the 151-152 range. Which with my weight suited up , at 240 lbs, I think a low 9's high 8's are possible with more practice. It took me about 8 track days to get my Vmax to run a full second faster, though I had lots more seat time on that bike.

There is quite a bit I need to do to the bike, including fixing the air shifter and figuring out my street ability problem. That is first and foremost, since this is to be a daily riding street bike. I would also like to try out a Shinko Hook up tire and see if that is better than the stealth u soft 003. I would like to make it a high 8 second bike that I can ride just about anywhere and then go right to the track and rip off some 8's and ride home.

I ll keep you posted as I go.
A Hookup will definately help. With a turbo on your Gen-1 you should have a LOT of untapped potential in the 1/4. Practice, practice, practice ....