Finally got me a Busa


Hello to all from cold a_s Ohio...Well as it says, I finally found my Busa. An '02 SE w/5700mi, one owner. It was one of the 4 he owned, the only all stock one too.I currently own 7 oil cooled GSXR's as well.Some are ridable some tore down for rebuild, 2 of them are 7/12's.Anyhow, I got my Busa home and put about 1000mi on it then tore it down too, here's a couple before/after pics... It's motor is pretty much stock, Factory Pro drop-in's and stacks, a K&N, and a PClll. And it's not completely done yet, got a diff exhaust on it's way, a 4-6" stretch and a shot of N2o, and a powerbronze undertail all going on next week if i get the time.BTW, i also have EVERY original stock piece hanging in the workshop, so i can return it to 100% stock anytime i want. 'Cause I REALLY like the Bad a_s black too!!!



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Nice work.  Did you do the paint-job yourself?

Oh, yes...WELCOME to the family~


Thanks guys, and NO...I did not do the paint.Place down in FL did. I do all the rest of the work myself though. I will probably ride it through 08 with the green bodywork, then change it back to the BAD black for 09.I should have it down to Maxton in 08. See just how fast it really is.Got an indicated(speedo) 210mph out of it last week.Not sure how close the speedo is though. I would like to get 220mph this summer with the juice....that's my goal at least...we'll see.Here's one of my other bikes;



Let's see, Sorry.. but NO I won't sell the stock body work as I plan to use it again in 09(maybe sooner) And I think I actually prefer the black too, but have a bundle tied up in this complete custom painted body. So I am going to rock it for a bit.And the 86 i built completely myself, it looks stock, but is completely custom from front to back... Does 174.1 mph!!(it's got Busa parts on it)you can see the arm i built for it from this side..



hey, i see you are running a 16/42 sprocket set-up. How do you like it, and what is your top now?? Do you 1/4 mi?? If so how does the bike come through the traps??(gear and rpm)


Is there an Ohio Hayabusa owners club or anything like that???

Hey Black954, i see you have a Hahn turbo on your Busa. I have a 95 GSXR 1100 with a Hahn turbo kit as well. Turbo bikes kick a_s man!!!!



Had the turbo gixxer at Mid ohio this year.. did you see it there by chance??? Not too many of these around.


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hey, i see you are running a 16/42 sprocket set-up. How do you like it, and what is your top now?? Do you 1/4 mi?? If so how does the bike come through the traps??(gear and rpm)
i dont drag my busa but i can tell ya the seat of your pants feeling with that setup is strong. id say top speed is mid 170's but i cant be certain since i dont have gps to take an accurate reading. at stock length, the bike will wheelie any tie in first and into second with ease. since u plan on a stretch u should be fine. i notice alot of racers here are running 16/42 16/43 and 16/44... id say you would have to try each setup to see what ya really like....

i havent heard of any ohio busa groups, jsut a bunch of independent bike clubs.
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